Storyboard Artists

Taking your script and creating stunning visual Storyboards for both Animation and Live Action.

Need a Stroyboard Artist ?

With over 5 years experience, creating visal storyboards, you can be sure you are in safe hands. Whether you have a basic script and not really sure what you need visually, or whether you have a very specific vision for your script. We can work from either and are happy to provide our creative input.

So how do our storyboard solutions work...

Typically we would discuss the script with you to understand your vision and how you see the story unfoding. It is important for us to understand the pace and tone and visual style you want to achiev, so we can approach scene cuts and camera angles in the right way to suit your desired look..

How much does a Storyboard Cost ?

As we can be supplied scripts in variours finished conditions. We have to be flexible in the way we work. Addtionally not every storyboard requires the same level of detail. The complexity of the storybaord is also dictated by the budget, and how we break down scenes and actions can vary job to job. So it's best to get in touch.

What Software do you use, and how will the Storyboard be supplied?

We work in Toon Boom Storybaord Pro for th emost part. Although we can create storyboard panels in Adobe Photoshop. We tend to find that Storyboard Pro is a bit more effecient and therefore quicker to make changes. The final storyboard is supplied as a PDF file. If you have a client this needs to be passed onto, we are happy to include your branding on the board itself.

Here are Some Examples of our Storyboard Work

Let's chat over a coffee, we don't bite and would love the chance to show you what we can.